Free things to do in Budapest


Budapest is a city where you can tour grand monuments in the morning, slip into the thermal bath in the afternoon and party after sunset.

This city is the most beautiful and has some real bargains to offer international travelers. 

So, if you are looking to save a few forints on your trip to Budapest, you are lucky because some things are free of charge.  

Below you will find some of the best free things to do in Budapest. 

Free museums in Budapest 

Free museums in Budapest 

It is no surprise that Budapest is a land of stories and to discover them, you need to visit some fascinating museums. 

Usually, admission to all these great museums quickly adds up, but if you visit at the right time, you can see some historical sights for free.

Like on the Hungarian National Holiday, you can get free access to the Budapest City Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Hungarian National Gallery and others.

National Gallery, National Museum and Museum of Fine Arts all offer free entry on the third Saturday of every month.

The Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art offers free admission on the last Sunday of each month.

Free walking tour in Budapest

Free walking tour in Budapest

With tons of history to explore, a free walking tour of Budapest is ideal for covering every corner of the city.

Free tours will give you a background on the city’s long history and help you better understand what to see while you are there. 

You can learn about the city’s history, street art, food or any other aspect.

Read and relax at Ervin Szabo Central Library

Read and relax at Ervin Szabo Central Library

Take a break from the dizzying pace of the Hungarian capital and unwind in the regal surroundings of the Ervin Szabo Central Library.

You only need to register for a library card to see the building’s most beautiful parts, but it costs only 200 HUF, less than €1. 

Bring your ID and head to the information desk to register. 

Stroll along the shady paths of City Park

Stroll along the shady paths of City Park in budapest

Nothing is better than relaxing in a park after a day traveling in the city and the Budapest City Park is always a good option.

This park is in the center and close to several sights of Budapest, such as Heroes’ Square. 

City Park is an open space with shady paths and past monuments. 

You can also catch a concert in a great setting as Budapest boasts excellent live music, even on the river cruises.

Get a complimentary view of the city

Get a complimentary view of the city

Fisherman’s Bastions will give you the best views of the city for free. 

From there, you can get a panoramic view of the city, which is why it is the most crucial tourist attraction in Budapest. 

Another attraction is Buda Castle; you will enjoy the fantastic views but also admire the architecture of the building. 

Not to forget, this place is also one of the most photogenic places in Budapest.

Great market hall

Great market hall

Budapest’s Central Market offers a feast for all the senses and great free activities to enjoy in the city. 

You can wander through the stalls and keep in touch with the vibrant modern life of this Hungarian City. 

There is a lot to enjoy, from local flavors to window shopping among the fascinating vendors.

Everything there will tempt you to make a purchase. 

Plan your trip now!

Budapest offers a lot for relatively less money compared to the cities in Western Europe, and free attractions can stretch your budget even further. 

Hence, once you are there, you will be able to see a lot of the city for very little money.

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