How to Reach


The answer can be simple: through an airplane.

However, there are other options that one could consider before booking the tickets.

Budapest offers several options to travel internationally as well as within the city.



There are three functional airports in Budapest:

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

At a distance of 10 miles, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is one of the largest in Hungary.

The airport primarily gets international flights within Europe and flights from other countries land here too.

Here you can find Skycourt and shops of some notable brands to spend time shopping while waiting for your flight.

Aside from this, the way the airport deals with long queues and processing is commendable.

The free WIFI services are tourist favorites.

Budaörs Airport

Budaörs Airport belongs to the southwestern area of Budapest. 

It now serves as the base for gliders, biplanes and light aircraft.

Also provide an active center for general aviation, recreational activities and flight training.

The airport is the home of the Gold time foundation, which aims to offer rides to travelers and tourists. 

Hármashatárhegy Airport

This airport is between the appealing towns of Kővár and historically rich Pesthidegkút Hársakalj.

Not as popular as the other airports, Hármashatárhegy Airport is the most convenient in terms of arrival and departure.

You can also refer to Budapest’s airport maps to navigate your journey better.

Train to Budapest

Train to Budapest

Taking a London to Budapest train is considerably accessible as the Hungarian capital is the center of the railway network.

Three major international train stations in Budapest are Budapest-Keleti, Budapest-Nyugati and Budapest-Déli.

They offer major national and international routes throughout the city.

Budapest-Keleti is one of the Hungarian capital’s main intercity and international stations.

Bus to Budapest

Bus to Budapest

The cheapest way to Budapest is by bus.

The city’s nearest and only international bus station is the Népliget Bus station, located at a considerable distance from City Center.

You can quickly get a bus to Budapest through Eurolines, FlixBus, Infobus and Regiojet; this highly depends on your boarding country.

River cruise to Budapest

Another way to reach Budapest would be through a cruise ship that floats from Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria) to Budapest.

Depending on your boarding destination, the cruise ship takes about 3- 4 hours to reach Budapest.

The ticket price cost range from

Single ticket – 36,064 Ft (€89)
Return ticket- 48,268 Ft (€120)

How to get around the city

Although the city is highly walkable, you can get to your location faster if you travel by any public transport in Budapest.



Metro in Budapest has four major lines that connect the whole city, making it easier to navigate for first-timers.

The three Metro lines interconnect at Deák tér Station.

Metro line 1 is the oldest European subway and a World Heritage site.

The fares of metro tickets are:

Single ticket- $1

Metro lines run daily from 4.30 am to 11.30 pm. 

The trains arrive at an interval of 2 to 5 minutes during active hours and every 10 minutes in the early morning and late evenings.



Trams in Budapest have a vast network, as more than 390 million passengers ride them daily.

They move on over 30 routes, regularly operating over 100 miles across Budapest.

The timings for the trams are

Opening hours – 4.30 am
Closing hours – 12.30 pm

Tram line 6 works 24 hours every day.

Tickets for trams are similar to metro fares, and you will need to validate your tickets before boarding.



All taxis have yellow registration plates, and tax meters have receipt printing functions that display fares and the identification of drivers. 

You can pay charges in two ways-

Basic fee- $2
Charges per mile- $1

It is better to book a taxi by phone instead of hailing from the street.

The taxis called via phone arrive quickly in about 15 minutes. 

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