Things to do in Budapest


Budapest is one of the famous places that ticks all the boxes of the best vacation.

The best thing to do in Budapest is to experience it all. 

This Hungarian capital is home to stunning historical sights, museums and unique architectural styles.

Here you can discover some of the best things to do in Budapest.

Chain Bridge 

Ever wonder what you can do in Budapest for free? The Chain Bridge in Budapest is the answer.

The bridge stretches over the Danube River that connects Buda with Pest, the east and west sides of the city.

A reason to visit the bridge is its history and how it represents Budapest’s national pride and economic advancement. 

Széchenyi Spa

Remember no other city has as many baths as the Hungarian capital.

The spa is almost always overflowing with 100 million people till now.

You can party at night with substantial special lighting effects, chill out, close business deals or enjoy contemporary circus performances.

Danube River

Europe’s second largest river, the Danube, runs through 10 countries and four capitals.

The river divides Budapest into two parts Buda (west) and Pest (east).

It offers one of the best photography shots, which attracts several tourists.

The beautiful river has inspired several artists, writers and poets.

One of the famous art pieces- the Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss.

The best way to avoid standing in a long line is to book Danube River Cruises online because there are many visitors each day.

It is preferable to have guided tours if you want to explore the nearby attractions as well.

Heroes Square

Hősök, also known as Heroe’s squares, is one of the most famous squares in Budapest.

The square is home to one of the most iconic symbols of the Millenium Memorial, the seven chieftains of the Magyar tribes, and other important heads of the state.

Between the distance of the statues includes a large column signed by Archangel Gabriel, which holds the historical Hungarian crown.

In addition to its historical and cultural significance, Heroes’ Square is also an important transportation hub in Budapest.

You need to book a guided tour to see the highlights of Heroes’ Square with other attractions like the Budapest Parliament Building and Buda Castle.

Andrassy Avenue 

One of the most famous Boulevard, Andrássy Avenue Budapest, stretches from Erzsébet Square in the central Pest and ends at the City Park.

Due to its great cultural heritage, the avenue emerged as a World Heritage site in 2002.

Andrássy Avenue has one of the most notable buildings in Budapest: the Hungarian state opera house, plus many luxury brands for all the shoppers.

By booking a hop-on hop-off bus tour, you can explore Andrassy Avenue with various other attractions at your own pace.

St. Stephen’s Basilica

It is one of the biggest churches in Budapest and the city’s highest building which can hold up to 85,000 people in it at a time. 

There you can spot the figure of the right hand of St Stephen, the first king of Hungary, enclosed in a glass compartment.

Tourists at the holy site are requested to cover their shoulders and knees before entering the church.

While visiting Budapest, you can also regularly enjoy classical opera shows and organ concerts in the church.

Enter the church and enjoy an organ concert by purchasing St. Stephen’s Basilica entry ticket in advance.

Buda Castle 

One of the city’s most recognized monuments, Buda castle dominates the cityscape from its neoclassical architecture.

Buda Castle in Budapest also offers some of the best views of Chain Bridge, the Hungarian Parliament and the rooftops of Pest from its terrace.

You can see fantastic buildings, such as the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum.

There are several ticket options to choose from; touring around the castle with a guide is one of the best options to make your visit worthwhile.

The Matthias Church

Existing since 1015 ADr5, the Matthias Church is one of the oldest buildings in Budapest, with its foundation made by the first Hungarian King.

It is located on top of Buda Castle hill and is religiously servicing the citizens.

With its remarkable interiors, the church is full of surprises and mysteries that make it even more interesting for tourists.

Gellért Hill and the Citadel

If you want to enjoy some panoramic views of the sides of Buda and Pest, then Gellért Hill and Citadel is the best place for you.

Once it was one the most hated spots in the country, the Citadella was also known as the Budapest Bastille.

After years of serving as a prison camp and temporary home for the homeless, the monument has become a popular tourist attraction since the 1960s.

Some famous tourist attractions you visit here are Liberty Monument, Cave Church and Gellért Monument.

You can book the Budapest sightseeing tour to visit the breathtaking Gellert Hill and the Citadel.

Margaret Island

Margaret island is famous as Budapest’s central park and is undoubtedly the greenest part of the city, stretching over 2,800 miles. 

It was once a royal hunting ground known as rabbit island.

You can visit boat houses along the shore, and a casino designed by Miklós Ybl to make your trip worth it.

So, to make the best out of your trip, you can stop at the cool Margaret Island with a free map and information about all the sights to see.

Budapest Parliament

The Budapest Parliament is a must-see destination, offering a unique blend of historical, architectural and political significance.

In about 45 to 50 minutes, the tourists can explore the session chamber and dome house, including the Hungarian royal crown and coronation regalia.

It is a great site to learn about how Budapest’s government works and it’s history in a comfortable space. 

Add this to your itinerary and get ready to see the Europe’s largest Parliament Building.

Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum stands tall with its neoclassical architecture.

It is one of the top things to do in Budapest with family.

The construction of Hungary’s most exclusive building began in 1837 as per the plans of Mihály Pollack. 

This museum is home to thousands of historical artifacts emphasizing the country’s art, history, religion, and archeology.

Opening hours of the museum are 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Sunday.

Take a guided sightseeing Budapest tour to explore the Hungarian National Museum with other attractions on discount.

Dohany Street Synagogue

Named after the street, the Synagogue is the second largest in the world despite the Jewish population decreasing after World War 2.

It is one of the few Synagogues that house an organ that was once played by the legendary Franz Liszt.

Outside the building you can spot a memorial garden, where a tree houses the names of the holocast victims. 

There you will also find interesting museums such as the Museum of Electrical Engineering and Zoltán Jancsó Art Gallery. 

You can purchase skip the line ticket and tour around Great Synagogue.

Castle Garden Bazaar Budapest

A world heritage site, the neo-renaissance building is a center for various exhibitions, programs and events.

Made between 1857 and 1883, it initially had a commercial purpose but instead it is hosting art galleries and multiple schools.

After being abandoned for about 30 years, the Castle Garden Bazaar Budapest has become the treasure chest with a romantic background.

With a private tuktuk tour, you can cruise around Buda Castle where you will discover the palace and the castle bazar.

House of Terror

The House of Terror hosts an exhibition about fascist and communist regimes who had conquered Hungary in the 20th century.

It also served as a prison and torture venue for the state security of Hungary. 

The house allows the tourists to tour around the prison area in the basement; it also includes testimonials from victims and information about their regimes.

You can choose to join a guided walk tour of House of Terror in Budapest.

Budapest Zoo & Botanical gardens

Budapest Zoo & Botanical gardens in budapest

Budapest Zoo and Botanical garden is a professional conservation that works towards the survival of endangered species.

The oldest European zoo houses 1,072 animal species and is a great place to visit in Budapest with kids.

With some valuable ancient art buildings, this nature reserve gets over 2 million visitors annually.

The Botanical garden in Budapest is one of the oldest in Hungary.

The garden has more than 7000 species of plants and has been a part of nature conservation since the 1960s. 

With a bike tour you will discover the famous Szechenyi Thermal Bath, the Fun Park and the Budapest Zoo.

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