Visiting Budapest with family


A successful family break is finding activities that keep every member happy and Budapest is one such place.

Budapest will serve you the experience of two cities for the price of one, which means you will have loads of things to see and do. 

From learning about the history to watching shark feeding, there is plenty of things to make your family trip to Budapest fun.

Here we share some family-friendly activities and top recommendations to keep everyone happy in this city.

Things to do in Budapest with family

It comes as no surprise that there is so much to do in Budapest. 

So if you are questioning “Is Budapest a good place to visit with a family?” then yes.

Without any doubt, you can plan a perfect family holiday in Budapest.

Margaret Island- full family fun in one 

A fantastic green oasis in the heart of Budapest, Margaret Island is an ideal place for true relaxation. 

This island is located near Hungarian Parliament Building where you can rent a four-wheeler for the whole family to tour around.

You can see centuries-old trees, medieval ruins, a Japanese garden, a lake and a musical fountain. 

Or find adventure swimming pools and rides there to keep cool on a summer day in Budapest. 

After exploring the island, make your way to the musical fountain show and dance your heart out to different songs every hour. 

At last, enhance your evening with a multimedia screening show. 

Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden- see more than just animal appeal

This 150-year-old zoo in Budapest is hard to miss experience for pure family fun.

You can see thousands of animal species, architectural quirks and plants in the botanical garden.

Also, walk through the Art Nouveau entrance and make sure to visit the Elephant House and the Palm House. 

Within the zoo walk with some gentler animals, and enjoy art and craft workshops.

There is also an indoor playground where each room is a nod to a different Hungarian folktale.

Danube River-  elevate sightseeing into an adventure

The Danube River is the second longest river in Europe meandering through 10 countries. 

Booking a Danube River cruise provides you with a point for sightseeing and a fun boat ride around the city.

This cruise will take you through lush valleys with vineyards, castles and culturally rich cities in Europe.

Wine tasting

Your visit to Hungary’s capital would not be complete without tasting the nation’s great wines. 

Budapest is bursting with amazing restaurants and special wine shops, where you can taste and buy wines, each is better than the other. 

From historic cellars to cozy bars, whenever you are there, you will find a legendary wine to go with every course.

Explore the local wine cellars, talk to the winemakers, taste samples and end your trip with a traditional Hungarian-style dinner. 

Also, you can combine your Danube cruise tour with wine tasting to make your evenings memorable in Budapest. 

Széchenyi Thermal Baths 

A trip to a thermal bathhouse is a key part of the Budapest experience.

The Széchenyi Bath is the largest thermal spring bath complex in Europe in Budapest, built in 1913 in a Neo-baroque style. 

There are healing hot springs with over 18 separate pools, 3 outdoor and 15 indoor, and a range of steam rooms and saunas. 

Book your full-day spa tickets in advance and get ready to sink your body in 38° of pure heaven and feel the tingles over every inch of your body. 

You can choose outdoor swimming pools for kids but the pools are only for kids over 14 years because of the hot water effects on young ones.

Join Hop-On and Hop-Off Bus Tour

Traveling with family can be super exciting if you have the right travel itinerary with you. 

Booking the Budapest “hop-on hop-off tour” will give you access to 26 bus stops and the freedom to choose where you want to go.

With this tour, you can look at the Gothic architecture of some famous buildings in Budapest like the Parliament and Buda Castle

You can enjoy the 360° panoramic views of Budapest’s main landmarks as well.

To further add more spice to your trip, add a sightseeing cruise tour and enjoy more sights along the Danube River. 

Great Synagogue- not your typical Jewish Temple

Located in the Jewish Quarter, the Great Synagogue is the largest Jewish temple in Europe, standing tall and majestic on the Pest side of Budapest. 

With its golden dome and lavish architecture, the synagogue is the pride of the Jewish community in Budapest.

Best for families with kids, this place consists of the Heroes’ Temple, the Cemetery, the Holocaust Memorial and the Jewish Museum. 

You can learn and teach the kids about the Jewish people’s lifestyle in Hungary through everyday objects and finish your trip in the backyard of the Heroes’ Temple.

Buy the tickets in advance and head straight to the security check with a guide and start the tour of the Great Synagogue. 

Walking tours 

Walking tours are a better way to explore and experience the underground tunnels of Buda Castle

You can learn about the history and role of the cave tunnels and admire the manpower that went into creating this labyrinth cave system. 

Book the walking tours in Budapest online and follow your guide through sights like Parliament Building, Royal Palace and more. 

MonsteRoller E-Scooter tour- turn the city into a playground

If you are seeking the best Budapest family holiday options, then look no further.

MonsteRoller E-Scooter tour will take you around the city with freedom like no other mode of transportation. 

You can choose from 5 different routes and take your time to enjoy a 3-hour tour of the city. 
Buy tickets and get the most out of your itinerary on this private vehicle.

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