Things to do in Budapest with Kids


Thanks to the wide-ranging selection of kid-friendly places and attractions, it is a good idea to visit Budapest with kids. 

From all sorts of Museums, theaters, playgrounds, parks, tours, and other activities this city offers, kids will not have the time to get bored.

This city is extremely child friendly; whether you visit in summer or winter, it is perfect for family outdoor activities.

So, if you need to fill the day with your children, below are some of the best things to do in Budapest with kids.

The Children’s Railway 

The Children’s Railway

Budapest Children’s Railway is one of the most unique attractions where the kids don’t have to dream about becoming the train conductor, and they can be one there. 

This idea existed when several railway lines appeared in Eastern Europe after World War II. 

It was a way to give children a big toy where they could learn how to work as a team and spot the true leaders.

Children work there but don’t worry. It is more an adventure and learning experience than a job. 

So, buy a family day ticket and hop off and on at any one of nine stations for a quick hike. 

Explore the Museums

You can find many museums in Budapest that will satisfy the kids’ curiosity for a few hours. 

Get ready to experience the Hungarian National Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, House of Terror, and more. 

Another one is Miniversum, a playhouse for kids under the age of 14. The staff there provide creative activities for the youngest as per their age. 

With a vast collection of pieces, the museums have something to offer to everyone, making it an amazing place to visit all in one go.

Budapest Zoo

Budapest Zo

Budapest Zoo is worth a visit with its reasonable entrance fee and the convenience of public transport.

It is one of the biggest green areas to visit in Budapest with kids, where ponds, groves, a boating lake, a castle, and children’s playgrounds help refresh the tired kids. 

This zoo is open throughout the year, but summer is the peak time to pay a visit there.

Winter outdoor activities with kids

Winter outdoor activities with kids

Regarding the windy or snowy season, Budapest has plenty of opportunities for the kids outdoors. 

One of them is City Park, where the lake transformed into an ice skating rink, and children can not say no to sliding. 

For more winter activities, you can travel to Buda Hills and enjoy the panoramic views of Budapest with kids. Also, don’t miss the hot chocolate!

Theatres and circuses

Theatres and circuses

Right next to the Budapest Zoo is Capital Circus, which works around the clock and cheers up parents and children.

This traditional circus hosts International Circus Festivals regularly.

For theaters, you can visit Budapest Puppet Theater. They use handmade puppets in the plays, and the shows are suitable for the age group between 1 to 18. 

Most of the plays are in Hungarian, but some shows are also available in English.

Relaxing and culinary experiences with kids

Relaxing and culinary experiences with kids

Budapest has plenty of options, such as walking around the Parliament, cycling, picnicking near Margaret Island, and just hanging out in the streets of Buda. 

Also, many restaurants in Budapest offer traditional spicy goulash and excellent family service. At last, take the kids to the well-known pastry shops to end their day with a smile on their faces.

Affordable accommodations for kids

Affordable accommodations for kids

Visiting Budapest with kids means fulfilling all their demands. This includes the place you are staying as well.

Because where you will stay is as relevant as where to go and what to see. 

There are various budget-friendly hotels in Budapest situated at the city’s prime locations.

Hence, to avoid any inconvenience, let your hotel know your arrival time beforehand for a better welcome. 

Go for big weekends in Budapest with kids

Exploring Budapest with kids is an ideal plan for a long weekend. 

This city allows you to fill your itinerary without leaving a single moment. 

If you have time to stay a bit longer, but the kids are too lazy to move around, the best option is to take them on a boat trip along the Danube River. 

All these moments will definitely cheer everyone up!

What to avoid in Budapest with kids?

Though Budapest is a very child-friendly and safe city, some places have higher risks of robbery or attack even with toddlers. 

Sometimes crowded places can also be more dangerous, especially buses and trains. 

To prevent such events from happening, keep your children with you all the time and take care of your belongings. 

Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

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